Mac and Maddie



My name is Greg Fountain and I am a photographic enthusiast. I'm 54 years old, reside in Lakewood, California and am the proud husband to Toni and a dotting human to a very energetic 12 year old mixed-breed Terrier rescue named Mac and a crazy 8 year old chocolate Lab named Maddie.

I've spent the last 14 years working as a Refinery Process Specialist which has provided for a great quality of life and has enabled me to explore my artistic side through photography. I hope to be able to work another 11 years until retirement, after which, I imagine my wife and I spending considerable time traveling across this great country of ours. 

As you will see in the images here, I enjoy presenting flowers in my own artistic vision with the hope that the viewer develops an appreciation for the intricate details nature provides us. Of course, I like to photograph other things as well and hope to do more landscape, cityscape, architecture, and people. 

Anyway, enjoy the show and feel free to drop in to say hello!